Hey Bookworms!

So if you’re anything like me, then once in a while you get into the worst book ruts. It’s impossible for me to read no matter how hard I try. I’ll sit down, get really fidgety and distracted, and ultimately waste all of my reading time on other mindless activities. So I did what I know best when confronted with a problem: I asked others!

Here’s the top 5 things that bookworms do to get over a reading rut!

Don’t Stress

The best thing you can do when in a book rut is to remain calm! If you start to get frustrated or panic about your reading rut, try to reframe the issue. Put the book down, take a few breaths, grab a cup of tea- sometimes indulging in a little relaxation for 10-15 minutes will re-energize your reading habits.


If you need a real brain break from reading altogether, Netflix or other streaming subscriptions are the way to go. Why not catch up on a TV show? Watch a movie you’ve never heard of or a indulge in a guilty pleasure? Get your mind off of books entirely and recharge from the reading situation. Sometimes if my rut is really bad, I’ll binge a TV show for a week or two just to relax and get my mind off of the problem.

Re-read a Favorite Book

I’ve also found that re-reading a favorite book can motivate me out of a reading rut! I tend to read Emma by Jane Austen if my rut is BAD (I’m talking over a month bad…!) and that usually does the trick. Sometimes our reading rut isn’t caused by distractions or stress, but the book we’re currently reading. It can be helpful to take a break from your current reads. Some of my other guilty pleasure reads are pictured below ☺️

Get rid of distractions

Do you keep checking your phone? Maybe the notifications go off all the time and you can’t help it? Solution: put it on the other side of the room! Sometimes it’s helpful to really disconnect from technology and other distractions when trying to get into a book.

Just keep reading

Even if all else fails today, just keep reading! Three pages in one day is better than none at all, and sometimes it just takes a while to bounce back into a reading groove. Instead of getting frustrated at how little you’re reading, celebrate the little wins and remember that you’ll make it out the book rut!

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