Hey there bookworms!!📚📚

I finished SINNER by Christopher Graves yesterday. Which, I know, may not seem like much of a feat for me since it is just a book and that’s what readers do: we finish books.

HOWEVER, SINNER was my first horror read ever! 👻 Two months ago, I promised myself that in the spirit of the New Year I was going to try new things and change my reading habits: I vowed to explore book genres and read a little everyday. Historically, I would have NEVER touched a horror novel, never mind read one in its entirety. The last time I experienced any horror was five years ago when I watched my first and last horror movie. I don’t remember the name, but the plot line still keeps me up at night every once in a while.

So despite the fact that I’m clearly a scaredy cat (for lack of a better term), I told Smith Publicity to send this ARC along and forced myself to try new things. As luck would have it, Nikki (whose bookstagram handle is @saturday_nite_reader) reached out to me after recieving the same book, and we did a buddy read! With my determination and a buddy, I was going to finish this pshycological thriller whether I liked it or not.

And to my surprise, I did! And I know what you’re thinking:

So let me explain: it wasn’t that I expected the author and the book to be terrible. On the contrary, Graves is an incredible writer that really knows how to weave a story. SINNER is originally an award winning screenplay written by the same person, so I expected it to be well written. What surprised me was that I actually liked reading horror.

Here is the plot of the book, as told by the blurb on the back cover:

“As a direct descendant of the 19th Century vigilante gang, the Bald Knobbers, Ezekiel Woods, Jr. has been indoctrinated into a world ruled by violence and a literal interpretation of the bible his entire life. Now, over a hundred years later, Zeke continues his ancestors’ crusade, spending his days camouflaged as an aloof middle-aged grocery store sacker and his nights in a farmhouse cellar, preparing captives’ souls for their ultimate destiny: redemption or death. Zeke must recapture this lost sheep or face a consequence far worse than any worldly fate: that God has forsaken him.”

And here are the rankings that Nikki and I gave the book. PS: You should definitely check her review out!: https://saturdaynitereader.com/2018/03/22/sinner-by-christopher-graves

unnamedOverall, I gave this psychological thriller a 5: VERY scary for me! The book follows Zeke, a serial killer who essentially kills in the name of God. I love that Graves set up a framework where we would meet characters and see them interact in their own element before weaving them into the plot; I also love that the book considers multiple perspectives from each of the characters. It was pretty gore-y for me, which is probably a good thing- I hate needles I’m claustrophobic, and I’m DEATHLY afraid of snakes which made this read super difficult for me (No spoilers though, you’ll have to read it for yourself!) It was also surprisingly (and uncomfortably) relatable. Many of the characters are like me: young females who live alone in a relatively new area. I did wish that we spent more time learning about Zeke’s relationship with his family (I was super fascinated by his and Sylvia’s relationship). However, it was overall a pretty great read, even for a scaredy cat like me. After reading this novel, I was afraid to walk outside alone at night! Definitely nightmare worthy!

The book will be released on April 5th, 2018; you should definitely buy a copy if you’re into thrillers and horror novels!

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